What happens if I enter the agency’s location and I don’t want to book a girl?

Hello and thank you for visiting As stated in the specific webpage, it is required to book a girl when inside the agency’s location. This action is performed in order to avoid girls being touched by people and to avoid agglomeration.

In case of a person not confirming to these conditions, a penal fee will be send to his address and police will be called at the location. We can also state that this situation never occurred until now and we highly would like to keep it this way.

According to this, banners are placed in front of the entrance into the location and a security guard is watching the door 24/7.

I hope that I fully answered your question and you understood the implications of breaking the rules. For any additional information please write us at or reach us at the phone number +4 800 778 9989.

What description will be placed on the payment’s receipt?

Hello and welcome at According to the fully discretion privacy that the company imposes at any level, you have nothing to worry about this situation.

On the receipt you will receive will by any means not be stated “escort services” or “private model service”. There will be listed as the transaction has been made between you and ACTTRANS INC., representing the global name of our company.

We understand that your privacy is very important and in order to provide the highest quality services, we carefully analyze each aspect of our client’s life and protect it in a very simple, but practical, way.

I can say that I responded to your question and you should have understood the topic of this conversation. For any further questions please write us at the email address or reach us at the phone number +4 800 778 9989.

How should I proceed if I want to book more than one escort at the same time?

Hello and thank you for reaching On the online platform it is possible only to book a girl for a established period of time, in order to avoid mass spamming and frequent schedule changes.

However, this action can be made if you are paying a visit to the agency’s location. You are able to select from there 1, 2 or 3 escorts to accompany you and to take you to the highest grounds of sexual pleasure.

Have a good day and if there are any misunderstandings we await your message at the email address or at the phone number +4 800 778 9989.