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XCentricities Escorts Agency is always searching on the market for potential girls that may want to join their program and become a top private escort. Even though the requirements are established on a very high level, candidates are coming more and more and special selection meetings are needed to be planned.


In order to become of agency’s top model you need to fulfill some very important requirements. Some of them relay on the physical aspect on your body, such as facial beauty, tiny waist, considerable boobs or a round ass, while some of them relay on the behavioral and communicative abilities.

Communication is very important when high quality services are intended to be provided to every client. In order to have a beautiful night and to make the client feel that he is relaxed and loved, an open-minded attitude is to be looked for and a disposition to new challenges is required.

A big advantage represents the ability of speaking in different languages. As tourists are a very important part of their business program, it is very important to be able to talk with them in their language in order to gain their trust and to be aware of his desires. The most common languages that escorts are able to communicate in are english, french, italian and german, even though some of them have knowledge of spanish and finish.

Selection Process

The creation of a proposal is very easy to be accomplished. The few easy steps required for you to perform are very well detailed on the online platform and extra explications are made in the FAQ section.

The first step is to create an account on www.xcentricities.com and go to the Join Us page. There you will find a quick 3-steps form that you are required to complete in order to enroll in the list of possible candidates.

First stage consists in introducing into the specific fields your full name, address, nationality, email address and phone number. The second stage is required to be completed by uploading into the form 2-5 photos of yourself naked, in order to let the selection team analyze your body completely. Please take note that any information provided by you will be kept strict confidential and by any means won’t be released to the public.

After the photo upload process is completed, you may pass to the first stage. In this area you need to answer some questions regarding your personality, career and your life goals. All these are specially created in order to make a general idea about your personality and the ability of communicating with various types of people. It is highly recommended to present an open-minded attitude as this represents the future of escort services.

Finally, after all these steps are performed, you may verify the entered information and click the Submit button. If you are considered to be a possible candidate and you are selected to have a live interview with the selection team, an email will be sent to your provided email address informing you about the date and location of it.